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A referee needs a functional, comfortable referee bag to transport his referee apparel like referee shirts, pants, socks and additional referee equipment.
At our shop you’ll find referee bags in different sizes from manufacturers like adidas and b+d.
Every sports bag is ready for shipping within 24 hours. Order your referee bag now!

Referee bag

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The referee bag – an essential part of every referees equipment

Your search for the perfect sports apparel and equipment bag is over – individually or as a set: We’re sure to stock the perfect referee bag for all of your needs. Our referee bags in various sizes from manufacturers like adidas offer enough space for your referee clothing, referee accessories or even a suit for official events.

Whether for training or an actual game: Stow your shirts, shorts and other apparel in one of our bags. There’s even room for other referee gear such as whistles and accessories.

We also carry smaller referee bags for individual items,like an adidas shoe bag that is specifically designed for the safe transportation of your referee shoes.
Their high quality of manufacture and supremely functional design make our referee bags a solid, reliable companion on and off the field. Transport your apparel securely.

More than bags for referees: Our accessories

Apart from referee bags, you’ll also find a variety of accessories at our shop: useful little things that make every referee’s job just a little bit easier.
All your miscellaneous equipment like the referee whistle, the yellow and red card and note cards can be placed in one of our referee folders. This way you always have all of your equipment in one place. Just slip your folder in your referee bag and you’re ready to go.
Buy one of our fully stocked referee folders as a set, or customise an empty one with individual items suited to your needs.

We’ll ship your apparel bag worldwide

Note our offers and special prices: Your referee bag will be ready for shipping within 24h of your order. Should any of your purchases unfortunately not be available for immediate delivery, they will be sent to you as quickly as possible and free of additional charge.
Should you ever be unsatisfied with one of our referee bags, we’re happy to exchange unused products within 14 days of receipt.
At our referee shop we accept a range of easy, secure payment options like PayPal, C.O.D., credit card or a pre-payment.

If you require any further help with your order send us an e-mail to or check our customer service section for further information regarding our payment methods, return policy and shipping costs.