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With a referee watch from refereeworld you’re always on time

As a referee you must always have an eye for the time. That’s why a referee watch is one of the most important pieces of referee equipment in football & handball.

Soccer and handball referee watches: the practical all-rounder

Nowadays a referee usually needs more than the classic referee stopwatch to keep track of playing time. Sports like soccer or handball have become faster and faster, which is why the referee’s watch needs to meet increasingly higher standards in terms of quality and functionality. At the same time it has to be easy to operate.
During training or an actual match – referees see our watches work under all weather conditions across the year. At refereeworld you’ll find a variety of highly functional digital watches for every ref’s budget and wrist.

Manage the game with a modern soccer referee watch

Order a brand-new referee watch to complement your referee kit. Our highly specialized watches are designed specifically for the on-field officials.

Our watches by SPINTSO, STOPTEC and DIGI SPORTS feature all the necessary functions, including four time functions. The watches are of course impact- and water resistant so they can be used in any weather.

Referee your matches with watches specifically designed for football and handball referees. We also carry an affordable starter model by SPINTSO.

Get the new DIGI REF SOC 06 soccer referee watch here

One of these all-rounders is the football referee watch DIGI REF SOC 06, which was developed with soccer’s fast-paced game in mind.
The three-line display can show the time, playing time and match interruption all on one screen. This way you can always keep tabs on the different times and ensure the game’s orderly progress. Wear the future for referees.

More than 90 minutes: the SPINTSO allrounder watch at refereeworld

The SPINTSO referee watch is the Lamborghini of football referee stopwatches: Apart from the standard time/date, alarm and timer / stopwatch function, it also features a watch mode tailored to the soccer referee’s needs.
Four synchronised time-functions can be displayed on the professional watch’s display:
● a count-up timer that runs throughout the game
● a countdown timer that is paused during stoppages for goals, injuries, fouls, etc.
● a timer that is counting the additional time when you stop the match time
● a timer for break time
No more annoying beeps and calculating: During the game the SPINTSO referee watch alerts the referee with subtle vibrations and automatically adds its calculated added time. These watches with multiple timer functions are available in orange or classic black.

More than watches: The ref kit for a perfect game

Besides a modern digital watch a football / handball official’s essential kit consists of an assortment of additional equipment.
We offer essential items such as electronic and non-electronic flags, individual whistles as well as other useful equipment, for example special bags for apparel and shoes. Add your new stopwatch, whistle and other practical items – in a selection of classic and trendy colours, like red, green or black – and order now!
On the field you should always be in control. Browse our shop or use the search function and supply yourself with the best equipment for your matches and training besides a watch: We offer everything from a referee card through whistles to vanishing spray. Just add your new personal kit to your shopping cart. We offer a quick and worldwide delivery.

refereeworld is the perfect gift store for refs

Find the ideal gift for any ref at our shop. Search for a specific product or browse through our shop and discover numerous practical items and indispensable pieces of equipment. We are the home of referee essentials.
Just add an item to your cart – your purchase will be ready for shipping within 24 hours. We carry the entire spectrum of referee gear and equipment – from uniforms through cards and FOX whistles to electronic flags.
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