Size Charts


Chart for shoe sizes

23,8 cm39 1/366,5
24,2 cm406,57
24,6 cm40 2/377,5
25,0 cm41 1/37,58
25,5 cm4288,5
25,9 cm42 2/38,59
26,3 cm43 1/399,5
26,7 cm449,510
27,1 cm44 2/31010,5
27,6 cm45 1/310,511
28,0 cm461111,5
28,4 cm46 2/311,512
28,8 cm47 1/31212,5
29,3 cm4812,513
29,7 cm48 2/31313,5

Find your fit

Fuss messen

Here is a simple way of finding the right fit:

Lay a sheet of paper on the floor with one end touching the wall. Stand on the paper with your heels against the wall. Mark the point where your toes end with a pencil. Now measure from the end of the paper to the mark you have just made and use the result to find your correct size in the size table.

And here are a couple more tips:

Do not measure your feet in the morning as they swell during the day. It's advisable to measure them at the end of the day. If your measurement is between two sizes, then it's always safer to choose the larger size.