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The complete referee gear and apparel at refereeworld

The referee in sports like handball and soccer is one of the key players on the field. He guarantees the orderly progress of the game, penalises rule-breaking players and always keeps an eye on the time.

This is why every ref should be sure to make good choices when it comes to his apparel, equipment and accessories. From the apparel through the whistle to the right shoes: We provide you with a wide range of original and high-quality soccer gear so that you can be fully focused on the game.

All the essentials: original gear from refereeworld

Before you can officially oversee your first football or handball game you need to be fully equipped. Essentially the gear consists of the right shirt, shorts, socks and boots. In our online shop we stock all three current adidas collections.

Both the shirts and shorts are available in traditional black or various coloured designs. This way you’ll have the appropriate apparel no matter what colour the playing teams are wearing.

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The modern soccer ref’s jersey

The modern soccer referee’s jersey is no longer made from cotton or polyamide. adidas shirts are made from high-quality breathable polyester and use the modern CLIMACOOL technology which provides an ideal moisture transport. With the shirt’s convenient breast pockets the yellow and red card are easily accessible.

Enhance your performance with the ideal shirt – whether during training or an official game.

Complete focus on the game with the right football and handball ref gear

Useful equipment is also an important part of every ref’s kit. A multifunctional watch and a practical whistle are a soccer / handball referee’s core equipment.

In our store you’ll find the FOX 40 CLASSIC whistle, which is popular with professionals around the world. In addition we stock a variety of other quality whistles for each individual need.

A reliable watch is an essential part of the ref’s sports gear as well. In addition to simple stop watches we stock three ultramodern, state-of-the-art SPINTSO watches. One of them has synchronised time functions all on ONE screen. This way the watch can accurately calculate the stoppage time.

Additionally, we stock handy referee accessories like weather-resistant note cards, the yellow and red card as well as various handball/soccer rule books and ref bags in all sizes.

New shoes and socks for both indoor and outdoor sports use

For 90 minutes of constant running and high focus, in addition to a light shirt and shorts, high-quality boots and socks are an essential part of every soccer ref’s apparel.

In our online shop you’ll find firm ground soccer boots with cleats/studs, soft ground soccer shoes with long cleats, artificial grass boots with many short studs and indoor soccer shoes with a gum rubber flat outsole.

Classic firm ground shoes with cleats/studs are designed to provide traction and stability on the natural grass of outdoor sports fields while boots for artificial grass or hard grounds have a large number of short studs which provide good support on artificial grass while also being extremely durable. We provide apparel for any football weather.

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Both for training and soccer / handball matches: Our gear helps you to achieve your best athletic performance on and off the field. You’ll find a fuss-free, international transaction process and all our apparel is ready for shipping within 24 hours of your order.

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