Report defective goods

Report defective goods

You will receive a reply from us within a short time after submitting this form. Please do not return damaged or faulty items to us without an approval.

Please fill in the description of the defect in detail.

Please send pictures of the defect to

Transport damage:

Please always check the goods directly when you receive them. If you notice any transport damage to the packaging, document the damage and send us pictures of the damage to

and send us pictures of the damage to:

Exchange worn shoes/textiles or used items:

To avoid this situation, check that the shoe or textile fits properly before you buy it. After the purchase, wear the shoes/textiles in your home first. If you now recognise a defect, you can return them more easily because, for example, there is no street dirt on the sole yet.

If you have already worn the shoes/textiles, you must prove a material defect. In this case, the trader's warranty obligation applies.

First of all, the retailer has the right to two attempts at supplementary performance. This means that he can deliver the goods again or have them repaired. If the second attempt at supplementary performance fails, you are entitled to a replacement. Since your only reason for exchanging worn shoes/textiles is the material defect, you must convince the seller of this defect.

To do this, send a detailed description of the defect, including pictures, to

Report defective goods
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