Sport Böckmann since 1928

In action - since 1928


Very special but oho! Because not all frontrunners are global corporations. Even our founder could not have dreamed in 1928 that we would be able to supply every fifth sports club in Germany.

sport_boeckmannwpliphVkaM4d5Manufacturing & finishing


With this development went hand in hand with our endeavor to develop sporting goods even further and to refine them in the best possible way. This means that 50,000 jersey prints are possible in 3 days! This even convinces TV stations and DAX companies that use our custom-made sporting goods.




1,300 sqm flagship store


Berlin, Hamburg or Munich? No;) Our headquarters in Holdorf, located directly on the A1 between Osnabrück and Bremen, has been awarded the contract. We are thus strengthening our presence in the region and expressing our love for sport in our own flagship store with a soccer arena and shoe laser.