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In addition the professional apparel and accessories we also offer a wide range of soccer equipment for your use on and off the field.
We carry high-quality apparel like the latest adidas REFEREE 14 collection as well as lots of useful accessories from manufacturers like FOX, b+d and Lavit.
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Referee equipment

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Referee clothing: the essential part of every ref’s kit

Every umpire should own a complete kit consisting of a high-quality, breathable shirts, comfortable light shorts and matching socks.
The standard referee kit usually uses black shorts, shirt and socks. The adidas REFEREE 14 collection broke with this unwritten rule for the first time ever by using a dark navy for their official FIFA kit.
In case one of the playing teams is wearing a dark coloured kit as well, every umpire should also own a coloured shirt. This way referees are always easily distinguishable from the soccer players on the field.

Ensure fair game play with the right football equipment for the officials

The handball and soccer referee plays a decisive role in ensuring a fair and smooth game. Using the right equipment you can work even more effective.
In addition to a referee whistle and referee watch, the football ref also needs the famous yellow and red card. The referee cards should be weatherproof and made from a sturdy material. The referee note cards need to be easy to write on even without a proper writing pad.
All this referee equipment is best stored in a handy referee bag. This way referees have all their equipment in one place and are ready to go.
During the cold or wet months one of our rain coats and sweatshirts can become a real life-saver, enabling you to reach the field for training or an actual match without getting wet or catching a cold.

Useful new referee equipment off the field

Even off the pitch the right equipment and accessories can make every ref’s job a lot easier.
To transport the referee’s equipment and apparel we stock referee bags in a complete range of sizes: from laundry bags for storing worn socks and shirts and pants to a roomy adidas bag which can easily accommodate all your gear – ideal for travelling or just to carry all of their stuff to practice.
To safely store your shoes we carry a shoe cleaning set, spare shoe laces and a separate shoe bag. For the changing room we also stock various sports gels and lotions to soothe your aching muscles after an exhausting game.
Apparel like pants, socks and shoes, multifunctional watches and the necessary whistles as well as sports accessories of international quality – officials get all their gear at our shop.

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We offer a fuss-free, international transaction process and all our referee kit and apparel is ready for shipping within 24 hours of your order.
If you’re ever unsatisfied with an item – be it a jacket or items of footwear – we’re happy to exchange unused products within 14 days of receipt.
We accept a wide array of easy and secure payment methods like direct debit, PayPal, C.O.D. service, credit card payment or a prepayment.
From the second order on you can also pay your bill after receiving your order.
If you don’t wish to order online you can also comfortably place your order via phone, fax or email.
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