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The red card and the yellow card – defining major sports history

The red card and the yellow card were first introduced into the rules of soccer in response to the ever faster pace of the game. Until well into the 1960s, the soccer referee only gave verbal warnings to players. This could cause some confusion among the players because of the language barrier during international games.
That’s why during the soccer World Cup in 1970 the yellow card and the red card were used for the first time. The inventor of this system was the English soccer referee Ken Aston, who drew inspiration from a traffic light system for his coloured referee cards.
His idea made football history, and to this day the football yellow card as a warning and the football red card signalling a sending-off are the standard signals for all soccer leagues around the world.
In 1991, in one of the last major rule changes, the combined yellow-red card was introduced into the official laws of the game. This was done because previously it hadn’t been entirely clear to viewers if a player had been sent off directly or because of his second offence in a row.
Additional trivia on referee cards: The fastest red card ever was awarded to a player in the Welsh amateur soccer league: He was sent off the field in the first 2 seconds of the game after complaining about the volume of the referee’s opening-whistle.

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